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iPhone 4S Jailbreaking (MAC)

iPhone 4S  iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak (MAC) Click here for download assistance

Before you start jailbreaking, make sure you have the following file  (Absinthe download link below) on your computer. Also, we strongly  recommend to do a backup of your iPhone 4S in iTunes, since this process can cause you to lose your iPhone Camera Roll.

Step 1: Extract Absinthe

Click on the Absinthe .zip file you just downloaded. This is a  compressed (zipped) file and you will need to extract the contents  before you can run the file. You can extract the file anywhere you want, it doesn't matter.


Step 2: Run Absinthe

Click on Absinthe€¯ to run the program. A window will open and Absinthe will prompt you to plug in your iPhone 4S.


Step 3: Activate Jailbreak

After you plug in your iPhone 4S, the grayed out Jailbreak€¯ button will become active. Click Jailbreak


Step 4: Relax

Just relax and watch as Absinthe does the steps for you. The program  automatically processes and does the things you'd have to manually do!  There are quite a few processes and you will be informed about them as  Absinthe is working on them.


Step 5: Activate Jailbreak

At this stage Absinthe will have done the processes and now it will  be prompting you to get your iPhone 4S, unlock the screen and tap the  Jailbreak button.

You can do this easily; after unlocking the screen browse through the menus and one of them should have the Absinthe€¯ icon. Once you locate it, press on it to complete the jailbreak.


At this stage you could get an error about connecting to the database.  In that case, go to Settings and activate VPN. After this it should give an error but still after a while your iPhone will restart, and it will have Cydia Jailbroken App Store and you're done!


Now you can continue with Unlocking. Since you have jailbroken  already, the easiest method is the Ultrasn0w unlocking method and you  can continue from here. However, there is also a second method which you can access here.

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